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My name is Barbara Grace and 8 years ago I made a career switch from Legal Assistant (for over 10 years) to Wedding Planner. The truth is, I felt destined to become a Wedding Planner. I knew romance started with a proposal, is punctuated with a wedding and celebrated for a lifetime. I was pulled to this career because I’m passionate about details, love design and want your day to be the most romantic of your life.

When I’m not making wedding wishes come true, you’ll likely find me dressed in blue (not for the Leafs) but for my beloved Toronto Blue Jays. I am the biggest fan in the history of EVER. There is nothing more awesome than indulging my foodie fantasies, celebrating a win and being with my amazing family.

Some not-so-secret secrets about me:

  • I’m rarely seen without a coffee in hand (or watch out)
  • I can run circles around the road runner — I’m that high energy!
  • My humor is sarcastic. As if you couldn’t have already guessed!
  • I am an entrepreneur through and true and love giving back and supporting my community


Barbara Grace Weddings is personal. Barbara is my first name (surprise surprise!). Grace is actually my middle name. Established in 2011 and formerly Piece of Cake Event Planning, my couples all appreciate fun, food and fabulous details. At a Barbara Grace wedding you can expect the unexpected. We want to collaborate and create design elements and details that truly matter to you as a couple. Whether it’s romantic floral details or handwritten love notes for each of your treasured guests, we’ve got the creativity and passion to make it happen. It’s all about knowing what makes a wedding magic and adding memorable touches to your celebration.

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