Andrea & MattMay 30, 2015

Barbara was amazing! She was always available to give me any help that we needed. She made the wedding day go off without a hitch. Leading up to the day she was always there for help. On the day of there were even were things that came up on the wedding day that we didn’t know about until after the wedding was over because she and her team took care of it. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about what a wedding coordinator would be able to do for me since I am a very organized person and thought that I would have everything planned and be able to handle everything with help from friends and family. But Barbara’s only concern is you – and more importantly, you do not know as much as she does! Having a wedding coordinator was the best thing that we did. I highly recommenced Barbara Grace Weddings to everyone, even the skeptics.

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Emily & ShannonJune 13, 2015

We used Barbara as our day-of coordinator for our wedding, and she was great. She was very friendly and easy to work with and seemed to go out of her way to make sure that our day turned out just the way we wanted it. It was because of her that our day ran smoothly and everyone had a wonderful time. And the most important thing was that we, the brides, were able to relax knowing that Barbara had everything under control. We would definitely recommend Barbara’s services to others!

Natasha & KyleOct 17, 2015

If you are debating hiring an event planner for your wedding, stop debating! We did the same thing and ultimately decided after meeting Barb we would be stupid not to hire her. It was the smartest decision we made. Barb will make your day so fun and easy, you won’t understand how people even get stressed out on their wedding day. From the weeks leading up to your wedding to the big day, Barb will be there every step of the way bending over backwards to make sure everything is perfect and if it isn’t perfect you have no idea because she is that good. We cannot thank Barb enough for all she has done for us. We HIGHLY recommend Barbara Grace Weddings!!!

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Lena & DamianDecember 27, 2015

From the time I got engaged and contacted Barbara for her help, until the moment the last guest left the wedding, Barb was involved and truly gave it her most amazing effort. She was thorough in her questions that she asked me when trying to get my true vision for my special day. She made great suggestions, and was able to provide great recommendations for other vendors to help us make it all come together. Barb was fantastic at being the liaison between vendors and contact people as well as myself and my husband, and I fully trusted her to handle anything that came our way. I had a short engagement (only 4 months!), but Barb never made me feel like we needed to rush or stress out. I had full confidence that it would all get done! On the day of the wedding, I was relaxed and enjoyed the time getting ready because Barb made sure that everything was taken care of. I felt confident in “letting go” of the control, and letting her do her thing! The entire wedding went as smoothly as one could possibly go, and all of our guests felt relaxed and taken care of as well. In fact, I had NUMEROUS friends and family members come to me throughout the night and the days after to tell me how great Barb was, and that she was the perfect balance of professionalism and fun! I would highly recommend Barb to anyone planning their wedding!

Quinn & MikeMay 30, 2015

Barbara was nothing short of magical on our wedding day. As marketing and event professionals, we never thought we would value the support of a wedding planner as much as we did.
Our venue came with a wedding coordinator but it was nothing in comparison to the service offered by Barbara. Barbara went above and beyond to alleviate any potential stress and allowed my husband, our families and me to enjoy every moment. In addition to doing it all, she did it all so effortlessly and subtly. Her small hints, nudges and reminders went completely unnoticed by the crowd.
We feel very lucky to have had her be a part of the most important day in our lives, and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for wedding support.

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Courtney & AndrewAugust 29, 2015

We cannot express enough how big of a part of our wedding Barbara was. From the smallest detail to keeping everybody on track she was there for us! We had a backyard farm wedding and we could not have done what we did without her. AMAZING. If you want a planner Barbara is the one to choose!

Vanessa & CraigAugust 7, 2015

From the moment we met Barbara we knew that we were in good hands! She immediately made us feel at ease, and we absolutely trusted her with our wedding day. Barbara is kind, compassionate, honest, patient and diligent. She is incredibly thorough and ensured that our wedding day went off without a hitch. Even when issues arise (as they sometimes do), Barbara is able to remain calm and composed and deals with any and all incidents in a professional, timely and discreet manner. We can honestly say that Barbara was the reason our wedding day went so smoothly, and was truly one of the happiest and best days of our lives! We can’t thank you enough, and we absolutely recommend Barbara Grace Weddings to any and all couples getting married!

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Dacia & Shaun
July 26, 2014

We used Barbara from Piece of Cake Event Planning for our July 26th wedding. Coming from two people who would have never thought in a million years we would need an event planners help, she was spot on. Imagine being frustrated at the appearance of your walk-in-closet, giving it to Barbara for a couple months, and you get it back and it looks like the centre-fold of an ikea magazine without the 18 hour assembly, and it doesn’t fall apart.
A few words to describe her would be: loyal, trustworthy, respectful, heart-warming, caring, and generous. ?There are a whole bunch more but they are more than 3 syllables, and I don’t have a dictionary.
Her checklist that she provides for weddings is like your spinal cord.
It makes every thought from your brain to your toes work, in an organized manner. Every idea you have, has a paragraph of detail to follow and it works, really well.
The most important thing she brings to the table is her attention to every detail, details a couple could never think of. When you think you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your I ‘s, she goes over them with a sharpie and makes the crosses and dots even darker and more refined.
She is readily available through email, text, Facebook and phone calls. ( if anybody except The Flintstones know what those are) In the rare case she doesn’t answer, she returns your messages promptly.
She not only guided us through our rehearsal night but was exceptional at it (knowing my groomsman may or not be a little tipsy) She was up and at it first thing on the wedding day making sure we were on schedule and we didn’t have too many Caesars before breakfast. She made sure both wedding parties were fed, ready to endure the long day. I’ve NEVER been on time for anything but sports my whole life, I was 15 mins early for the Ceremony. I didn’t know what to do with myself.
During the ceremony and reception, any little snag that came up, she dealt with it, with pride and integrity.
I would recommend Barbara to anyone in need of a wedding planner. Even if you aren’t looking for a planner, you should or your just cray cray.
I know for a fact as stupid as Tom Cruise looked jumping on Oprah’s chesterfield over Katie Holmes, he’d do back flips over it if he knew about Barbara’s services.